Rookie of the Week - Hamed Traorè - 21 - Ivory Coast

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Panini Calciatori 2018/19 - Rookie
Most of you would know of Amad Diallo, the wonder  kid at Manchester United. But have you heard of his  "alleged" brother, Hamed Traorè?

Hamed (21) currently playing for the Italian club  Sassuolo in the Serie A. Prior to Sassuolo he played  for Empoli where he represented the Italian outfit 42  times. Additionally, he is an Ivory Coast International.

Hamed Traorè is a powerful center midfielder with the rare ability to carry the ball. Along with his ball carrying skills, he is known to have an eye for a pass and the innate flair that so many Africans possess. It is easy to imagine that he may be an attack minded player, but this is not the case. While playing for Empoli in the Serie A's 2018/19 season he was one of only two players to make 2.5+ tackles and complete 1.5+ dribbles per 90 minutes. With a few more years of physical development, you can foresee Hamed becoming a dominant force in the Serie A. 

In the wake of Manuel Locatelli's departure from Sassuolo, a void has been made for Hamed to fill. So far he has featured 12 times for Sassuolo, only missing 1 game, and scoring 2 goals. It is likely he will get a full season under his belt in the Serie A, which can only do wonders for his development.

Being from Ivory Coast, it is impossible not to draw comparisons with Barcelona and Manchester City legend, Yaya Touré. Hamed is slightly shorter than Yaya and, naturally, doesn't posses the same strength. It would be disrespectful to claim he is close to Yaya at this stage of his career. That being said, he is only 21 year old and they both share similar skillsets.

Personally, I will enjoy keeping tabs on Hamed over the next few years. He has the foundation to become a commanding midfielder on the future.

Rookie Rating 7/10

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  • Are they actually brothers? I didn’t know that! Probably the different last names haha

    Daniel on
  • Where do you think he will go next mate? Any rumours?

    Connor on
  • Awesome idea for a blog Locky.

    Keen to see where Hamed goes from here for sure!

    Jim on

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